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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crystal Wrapped Hoop Earrings Tutorial

Learn to make these gorgeous handmade hoops!
Do you like to add some dazzle to the wire earrings we learned to make in the last tutorial? If yes, learn this easy to learn wire wrapping to embellish your choice of beads, pearls or crystals onto a hoop frame. You can wire wrap just about any hoop earring using this technique. I guarantee, once you get going, its going to get addictive and you may not stop at just one pair. Note that, this tutorial starts from where I left off in the Part 1: making the hoop frame. 

  • The pair of hoop earrings (that you made using Steps outlined in my earlier Tutorial)
  • Jewelry Wire - 26 gauge ( use the same colored metal wire as the hoop earrings you made earlier). You will need about 23 inches of wire per hoop (total of 46 inches for two hoops of a pair)
  • Bead of your choice (Here, I used 40 red fire polished crystal rondelles 5mm in size – 20 beads wrapped per hoop).
  • Chain nose pliers, Flush Cutters/Nipper Tool
Tools and Supplies For this Project

Step 1: Make a pair of wire hoop earrings using the Steps Outlined in my Wire Hoops Tutorial. The hoops shown here are approximately 1.1 inches in diameter.
The wire hoop frames from Part 1

 All the remaining steps below are for one earring, repeat for the other to complete the pair.

Step 2: Measure and flush cut about 23 inches of the 26 gauge jewelry wire using flush cutters. (Use the same color wire as the hoop earring to give a professional look – here I used copper wire for both hoop earrings and wire for wrapping). Straighten the wire of any kinks either by running them through a nylon jaw pliers.

Step 3: Make four tight coils of the 26 gauge wire around the hoop starting at the top (close to the ear wire), leaving a long end and a short tail about 1.2 inches long. Tug lightly at the long and short wires to make sure your coils are tight and even on the hoop.

 Step 4: Now slide one crystal bead on the long end of the wire and position it with your fingers to stay on the top of the hoop frame.
Step 5: Keeping the bead clasped with your fingers, use your other hand to wrap around the hoop three times, firmly and tightly. You can always reposition the bead if it has moved slightly.
Step 6: At the third wrap, slide another crystal bead on the 26 gauge wire, and repeat the wrapping three times around the hoop frame.
Step 7: Repeat the process, tightening each wrap after adding a bead by tugging lightly at the long wire.
Every now and then, run your fingers along the free wire to remove any bends or kinks that may have formed during the wrapping process.

(Tip: Always count wraps before adding beads to ensure you have wrapped three times each time. Move the wrapped beads gently using your fingers to space them evenly on the hoop.
Step 8: You may find the short wire tail sticking out at the beginning of the wire wrap getting in the way of continuing your wrapping process. At this time, you can snip off the short tail using flush cutters and tuck the ends into the coil (see the images below).


 Step 9: Continue the wrapping process adding one bead at a time, then three wraps and so on till you have covered the entire hoop frame and reached beginning of the hoop at the other side.  Now, make four final wraps to complete the bead wrapping, snip off excess wire using flush cutters and tuck in any sticking out wire ends.

Your wire wrapped earring is ready! Now make the other earring following the same steps to complete the pair. Make these in different colored beads and wires and try doing different sizes.
One completed wrapped hoop earring.
 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions!


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