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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tutorial : Colorful Stackable Bracelet Bangles

The warmer days are coming up in the bay area, and everyone is happy and cheerful, why not make some easy DIY bangle bracelets to match the mood of spring/summer? You can make these using leftover beads, crystals, anything you like and basically stack them up according to your style and preference. These are bracelets that are made from memory wire. Here is a peek at some that I made recently and have been wearing all the time!

Stackable Easy to Make Memory Wire Bracelets
Okay, now for how to make these cuties, you will need:

  • Standard bracelet size stainless steel silver plated memory wire (I got mine from Fire Mountain Gems)
  • Memory wire cutters (NEVER use any other cutters to cut memory wire, the steel wire will damage  regular cutters)
  • Round nose pliers (for making loops at the ends)
  • Beads/crystals of your choice (here, I used enough blue crystal bead assortment to complete three  full circles/coils)
  •  some bead dangles/charms for the ends (optional)
  • 2 jump rings for dangling the charms at the ends.
Supplies for this project

Now, memory wire is a snug coil wire made of tempered steel that holds it shape and fits any wrist. You simply coil the bracelet layer after layer and wear it that way. Here, I am making a bracelet with three full coils.

Step1: Cut approximately three full coils from the memory wire coil using memory wire cutters. These cutters are specially designed to cut memory wire only, hence use these and not your regular wire cutters. I got my memory cutters from Fire Mountain Gems.

Three coils removed using memory wire cutters from the main coil stock.

Step 2 : Make a simple loop at one end of the cut memory wire using round nose pliers.
loop at one end of the wire

Step 3: Start adding beads of your choice through the non-loop end of the wire. Here, I used a mix of blue-green crystals to make a bohemian themed bracelet.
add beads of choice

Step 4: When there is about a half inch of free wire left at the end, make the second loop with round nose pliers, similar to the one you make earlier. Now you have a two opposite ended looped  bracelet with beads!
Stop adding beads when you have half inch left of the wire
make a loop at this end similar to the previously made loop
Step 5: Add Charms/Dangles to the looped ends. This step is optional, you can go ahead and wear the bracelet without charms but if you like some playful ends to the bracelet, it is fun to add clusters of beads or charms for a cuter finish.

The finished Bracelet with Three Coils & Dangles at the ends
Voila! The bracelet is ready to wear - accessorize these for parties, events or stacking several up for a stylish look! This is also a great way to use up leftover beads from a crafting project or making kids bracelets in several colors.

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