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Friday, February 15, 2013

A sleek way to dress up walls for storage - Urbio

So I am a regular follower of the Shark Tank, the wonderfully exhilarating show on ABC where start up entrepreneurs come with a great idea, product or service in hopes of seeking investment and support from a bunch of rich "shark" millionaires. Couple of weeks back, I happened to love one of the products that was featured in the show, called URBIO.

I was totally blown away by this uber cool vertical garden that seems super easy to mount on the walls of an apartment, loft or home. You can even attach it through its magnetic backs onto the refrigerator, use these are table top or wall storage units. That walls can serve as stylish storage areas in a tiny living space is not much explored, with URBIO, one can store magazines, that ever disappearing TV remote or phone on the wall..and these are not just restricted to plants. I fell in love with this sleek design right away - kind of like how I fell in love with my first ever iphone!

Sleek, effortlessly simple and clean designs blow me away. Let's face it - simple designs are the hardest to create. Which is why I think URBIO is a winner all the way - these vertical storage pots provide sleek industrial design with versatile functionality that is hard to resist - I am getting one of these very soon for my studio. URBIO is a a SF based company , that excites me even more. I hope they make these little pots in more colors and shapes - i can only imagine the possibilities..
Think of the possibilities of storage with this neat platform!

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