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Friday, February 1, 2013

February: Live a little and focus on your loves

As February dawns on me, I am focusing on the things I love the most, my favorite people, my passions in life, my hobbies. This is the month when I can go all out and pamper myself and the people most special in my heart. Sending sweet messages to my family and friends, gift wrapping cute goodies to kids and passing around valentines cards to one and all near to me.

I cherish all that life has offered to me, have a wonderful set of parents who let me dream and supported me in every pursuit of mine. I have a wonderful husband of 7 years who continues to be my best friend. My always there brother who I have always relied on. And our wonderful pug who knows only to love.

This is also the time on reflecting the goodwill of your heart, and realizing its importance, how you can develop positive thinking and actions of goodwill and charity and learn to love unconditionally. Keep negative feelings like remorse, jealousy, fear and violence in check and focus on giving, sharing, forgiving and loving. There is love all around me, I see it in the sun, the flowers, the birds nature and the sky.

Since I am a jewelry designer, I put together some of my favorite necklaces that evoke feelings tender into a collage. Which is your favorite?

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